Bird of Paradise WINS best Sunny Window Houseplant

The Bird of Paradise, a tropical and stunning plant that grows wild in places like Hawaii, can be grown inside any sunny window as a houseplant. There are a few varieties of indoor plants that you can place in front of your sunniest windows to bring nature indoors among many benefits, but if you had to choose just one or you wanted to start caring for just one and looking for the best recommendation from the most plant obsessed, the Bird of Paradise is our top pick for the best sunny window houseplant and here is why.

Why Choose the Bird of Paradise for Your TOP Sunny Window Houseplant Pick

The giant banana like leaves themselves offer a stunning amount of natural greenery and larger leaves offer more air purifying benefits. An actual banana plant like the dwarf cavendish banana would be a top pick if you’re ready to put much more effort into caring for your top sunny window treasured gem. As the leaves grow from the center and fan out getting larger and larger, they provide a perfect amount of more filtered sunlight for your other houseplants that cannot handle as much sunlight as the Bird of Paradise. This means future indoor tropical forest ideas.

The plant is fairly easy to care for. It thrives in the sunlight shielding your eyes from the harsh rays while looking beautiful and all you have to do is water it when the soil drys out and add a bit of all purpose fertilizer about once a month in the summer months. Give it a larger pot a few times in its lifetime and wait for the flower. The flower is the most exciting anticipation to look forward to while gardening indoors. There are two different colors of flowers you can enjoy, one is more orange and the other is more white. I have never seen a white one in person so I personally am waiting for my white beauty to show in a year or two. I’m sure you might be inclined to invite all your family and friends over to come see that blooming moment.

This plant grows tall and out leaving room to share the sun at the trunk of the plant for other plants we obsess over. We particularly favor sharing the space with the Croton. Adding a flare of color contrasting next to the large dark green leaves of the Bird of Paradise. See our other foliage pairing favorites for your indoor plant obsessing.

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