Best Houseplants For Busy New Plant Parents

Busy plant parents (#plarents) want to enjoy all the benefits of indoor plants but don’t want to deal with common indoor plant issues like fungus gnats, mold, or having to water them constantly. Some of us live busy lives and wear many hats. This doesn’t mean they can’t have beautiful houseplants to care for. They just have to be low maintenance.

So, here are the most low maintenance, low water requirements, low plant issue plants I recommend for newby plarents.

Snake Plant

With a wide variety range the snake plant wins the best houseplant choice for several reasons. They are excellent air purifiers for starters. They can survive in a wide range of light levels from medium to low light. The soil can dry out completely between waterings and stay dry for a week or so depending on climates. It is similar to a cactus but without the poky spines so how great to care for a plant that has extremely low water requirements and you can touch it without being poked. Low watering means you shouldn’t experience any mold or fungus gnats with this plant.

Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree can be found in different varieties and can get beautifully tall with these care instructions. They are very efficient at removing formaldehyde from indoor air pollution. Reduced respiratory symptoms with this houseplant beauty! A healthy rubber tree plant is pest resistant indoors. It has low watering requirements where the soil also can dry out completely but needs to be watered as soon as it does dry out unlike the snake plant that can stay dry longer.

Parlor Palm

An easy best indoor plant for low light areas. Mine thrives in the bathroom with a small window letting light in but its leaves are kept away from the sun rays coming in. The bathroom adds humidity that it likes allowing infrequent watering. The Parlor Palm removes the most VOCs found in the home. They also have an elegant foliage display. They are light feeders requiring little springtime fertilizer and don’t like to have soggy soil. A light watering when the soil drys out it easy to do while you’re getting ready for work in the morning.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also a cactus like plant but is considered a succulent. Unlike succulents that do require some maintenance, the aloe plant soaks up a good watering and can go a month sometimes before needing watered again. It can go the longest without water out of this list of low maintenance best houseplants for busy plant parents. Not to mention, it has medicinal properties for burns and skincare. I use it in this natural acne clearing skincare routine. It likes a sunny window so you can set it in your sunniest window, rarely water it, you won’t have pests or mold, and has medicinal uses. Perfect plant for busy lifestyles.

Dracaena Marginata

This plant is the best at removing VOCs in the air out of all the plants on this list. It is another low light plant and low maintenance. It does not like a lot of fertilizer like the Parlor Palm and can completely dry out between waterings for about a week very similar to the snake plant. It is a slow grower but grows tall and will eventually look more like a tree. If you like dragons, this plant is known as the dragon tree making it even cooler.

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