Fairy Painted Plant Pot to Inspire Young Fairy Indoor Gardeners

The belief in magic starts when we are little with fairy tales of the Tooth Fairy and magical Walt Disney movies like Peter Pan. Tinker Bell is every young girls’ favorite character! I know once I saw FernGully for the first time as a child, I discovered gardening is magic and growing my own plant in a pot in my fairy princess styled room was the closest feeling to magic I could ever get.

Believing in magic as a kid gives them feelings of empowerment, encourages creativity, honesty, positive enlightenment and sparks abstract thinking. The positive benefits for a young child can go even further when they start their very own indoor fairy garden. The magic continues and so does the excitement of harnessing this plant power which is really a developmental activity preparing her for the future.

For these young magical fairy lovers, this plant pot is sure to inspire their gardening powers with subtle glitter all over for some added fairy magic dust. It is painted in a light ivory color with images of butterflies, flowers, toadstools, and of course, winged fairies.

This is a unique terracotta plant pot from StuckwithloveDesigns. They have many more plant pot designs and other home and garden décor. You can see more by checking out their store on Etsy.

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