People Are Obsessing Over This Group of Plants: Pink, White and Green Plant Design Idea

When the colors pink, white, and green are part of your favorite plant colors and you’re looking for indoor plant grouping ideas, these three plants are our top choice for the perfect color combination.

These indoor plants can handle the same growing environment such as bright, indirect light and benefit from being closer to each other raising the humidity for these tropical beauties. The unique leaves and bold colors have everyone obsessed over growing these three plants together.

Variegated Rubber Tree

The subtle pink flares of color along with the variation of white and green make this indoor tropical plant the centerpiece for this plant color combination. It is our first choice to start growing if you have never grown an indoor plant before!

This Rubber Tree is the easiest to care for out of our plant combo. It requires bright indirect light but can handle a bit more of those sun rays than its friends in this group. The tree grows taller making it able to catch the harsher sun rays acting as this groups sun protector.

With all three colors in these unique glossy leaves, the other two plant combinations have a touch of these colors to match perfectly.  

Pink Allusion Arrowhead Plant

This clumping pink Arrowhead indoor plant is something out of a fairytale. The different layers of pink topped leaves make it seem like a fairy could just hop down each one adding her magic fairy dust to help it grow.

The pink color matches the pink perfectly in the Rubber Tree but with a lot more pink! With lower light requirements and more humidity, this plant benefits from growing low under the Rubber Tree’s protective leaves.

Zebra Plant

To complete this pink, white and green indoor plant combination, we add a bit more white and a bolder green with the Zebra Plant. A true tropical rainforest plant that will sit lower and closer to the other plants in this group much like on the rainforest floor.


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