The Cutest Wall-E Inspired Boot Planter For Small Plants

For those Wall-E lovers out there who were inspired to start a garden after he carefully preserves the last living life on Earth in an old weathered boot maybe symbolizing that we are not perfect but we can still make a difference. If Wall-E can keep this tiny plant alive traveling through outer space and fighting off robot demons, you can surely become a successful gardener. Starting indoors of of course is the safest way to begin obsessing over plants.

This adorable Wall-E inspired boot planter was found on Etsy handmade with resin and hand painted. It is a small boot perfect for small indoor plants. It comes with a small plant container to place inside the boot so soil does not go directly into the planter or the roots won’t be able to breathe. This tiny boot would also be perfect to have a small container of water placed inside to watch propagated stem cuttings come to life. Having a designated propagating place such as in this plant life symbolizing boot seems quite fitting.

Photo Credit: Etsy – MJ2Artesanos


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