6 Foliage Houseplant Pairs For Sunlight In The Morning, Afternoon And Somewhere In the Middle

The foliage or leaves of houseplants are on spotlight every time the sun rays hit them. Each houseplant has a unique look to their foliage and a specific sun spot they prefer to grow and look their best with your home decor. You may have one plant sitting in your window but have decided your one plant needs a friend. To give you an idea, I am sharing my foliage houseplant pairs for three sunlight locations to add beauty to those spots, satisfy your craving for more indoor plants, and add more health benefits that come from more foliage indoors.

Morning Sunlight Houseplant Pair

I have two beautiful foliage plants in my morning sunlight window. In the afternoon, some trees and a house next to me prevents the sun from coming in that window in the afternoon. This is ideal conditions for my Cordyline and my variegated rubber plant. The Cordyline offfers striking tropical pinks and the rubber plant has a subtle pink and other shades of green that makes this window look colorful and bright. The Cordyline can handle more direct sunlight than the rubber plant and it gets taller faster. You can place the rubber plant at the foot of the Cordyline to provide a bit more shade to keep these two happy in a morning sun window. See our care instructions to grow taller rubber trees and you can place a sheer curtain in front of it if that window gets too much direct sunlight.

Morning sun rubber plant and Cordyline plant pair

Afternoon Sunlight Houseplant Pair

The Bird of Paradise is a tall big leafed beauty that indoor gardeners wait to see it’s flower every few years. While we’re waiting, the foliage soaks up the sun in an afternoon window. The larger leaves are striking but to add a bit of color to the window, a Croton plant loves sharing the space offering very vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. The Croton will also have a unique flower after the second year or so if it gets enough sun in your window. Learn how to get our Croton more colorful and to flower here.

Afternoon sun Bird of Paradise and Croton Plant Pair

Sunlight In The Middle Houseplant Pair

These houseplants that like sunlight somewhere in the middle of the morning and afternoon sunlight windows don’t like to have too much light but a little. The Snake plant and Umbrella can live in the same light conditions and range a little between morning or afternoon direct sunlight conditions. I have my plant pair on a table literally in the middle of the two windows for the other pairs and back farther away where they just get kissed by the sun for a few minutes in the morning and in the afternoon. Really any bright spot that doesn’t get too much direct rays in the morning or the afternoon will make these two plants very happy.

Somewhere in Between Snake and Umbrella Plant Pair

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