Indoor Plants for Free Spirit Personality Types

Often artsy and known as a flower child, the Free Spirit personality type loves a more bohemian interior style. A fun way to express your free bohemian lifestyle is to match your personality type with indoor plants that emanate the same spirit. Growing an indoor garden brings positive energy flow in your home as one of many reasons to start obsessing over indoor plants offering that magical connection between nature and that flower child inside of you.

Here are the perfect houseplants that will touch your soul and offer that spiritual feel to your indoor space.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Known as the ‘Love Tree’ in Greek, a free spirit can appreciate the free love this indoor plant can give.

As the vine stretches to kiss the sunlight in the home, it’s almost like those heart leaves are offering more and more positive energy and love with each new leaf.

Photo: Etsy – TheHappyPlantHouse

Monstera Deliciosa

The plant that brings the tropical forest indoors. The free spirit loves to walk barefoot in the forest and no other plant makes you feel as if you brought the forest indoors such as the Monstera.

This strong plant with large leaves has adapted to resist damage from downpours and hurricane strength winds creating large holes as this plant ages. The artsy and spiritual type enjoys the story of adaptation scars that has strengthened this beautiful old soul providing the motivation to survive and overcome the things you thought you couldn’t.

Photo: Etsy – RareHousePlants

Aloe Vera

A flower child has ‘give and take’ relationship that is respectable with nature. For the Aloe Vera plant, this personality type provides light, water, food and lots of love and the Aloe can give its natural healing powers in return.

The Aloe gel is used for natural remedies such as treating mild burns and even to clear up acne naturally.

Photo: Etsy – AmericanPlants


You won’t find a free spirit too far away from their herbs. Smudging away the negative energy with sage or making a homemade healing salve, Herbs have many uses to those living natural and free. Most can easily be grown indoors by a sunny window!

To learn more about herbal remedies and ancient medicine, I recommend these Ayurvedic resources found here.

Photo: Etsy – SydsStudio


The hibiscus flower symbolizes a youthful and delicate beauty. The petals can also be used to make a youthful tea!

These tropical flowering plants grow very well by the right window.

Photo: Etsy – TropicalPlantsofFL

Snake Plant

The leaves of the snake plant are like energetic swords, keeping the negative energy away.

Kept indoors, the snake plant is more of a protector to the flower child and is very efficient at removing toxins in the air. For more air purifying plants, read this!

Photo: Etsy – FaetedGarden

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