Indoor Plants for The Dark and Mysterious Personality Types

Adding indoor plants to your home is a fun way to decorate your own space and your own space often emanates your personality. For those with a dark and mysterious personality type, it might be challenging to consider houseplants fitting their interior style with the misconception that every plant needs direct sun light, or most are a boring green color to these interesting and unique individuals.

Indoor plants come in all shapes, sizes and colors and there are a select few that a dark individual can reap the air purifying benefits from while bringing nature indoors to satisfy their darker lifestyle.

Here are the perfect houseplants to bring out your dark side:

Raven ZZ plant

One of the darkest poets who ever lived, Edgar Allen Poe, might have enjoyed this Raven more than the one tapping at his chamber door.

This Raven thrives in low light, is drought tolerant and displays spectacular dark purplish-black foliage that starts out green and gets darker with age.

Photo: Costa Farms

Black Velvet Elephant Ear

A plant worth the company to those black velvet ladies who enjoy a space for a whiskey drink or two.

This Black Velvet beauty can live in part shade and is relatively low maintenance provided additional humidity is given for those striking dark leaves.

Photo: Etsy – WellSpringGardens

Black Prince Echeveria

Edward of Woodstock, known to history as the ‘Black Prince’, was the eldest son of King Edward III of England remembered for his brutality and the massacres he ordered while donning his black armor.

This ‘Black Prince’ succulent is not nearly as dramatic but offers quite the dramatic display of nearly black rosettes.

Photo: Etsy – Sunburstsucculents

Burgundy Rubber Plant

These dark burgundy and almost black foliage trees can grow tall like a tall dark and handsome knight.

If you are new to indoor gardening, read more about why the Rubber Tree makes the best first indoor plant to care for.

Photo: Bloomscape

Rose Painted Calathea Dottie

With vivid pink drawings or veins and dark black-green glossy leaves, this plant matches those dark interior decor styles sitting nicely on a low-lit table.

Photo: Garden Goods Direct

Purple Oxalis

The triangular leaflets close at night making this dark indoor plant a fun sight for those night owls.

Photo: Etsy – HorticultLLC

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  1. This is a very unique indoor plants post. Something for a gothic-styled room. I like the idea and also the plants. I have been planning to get some indoor plants lately and I think your blog is going to help me a lot.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day.

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. Stay connected. 🙂


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