Why The Rubber Tree Should Be Your First Indoor Plant

People of all walks of life are getting back in touch with nature and embracing their need to nurture. They are also spending a lot more time indoors raising awareness to the air purifying benefits of indoor plants. What better way to embrace nature, satisfy your need to nurture, and purify your air by becoming a first-time plant parent.

Choosing an indoor plant can be intimidating if you’ve never bought one before. It’s best to start with one plant and see how it goes, but how do you choose?

Let us make it easier for you and start with why the Rubber Tree is our first pick.

The Rubber Tree is a stunning focal point or centerpiece for interior design

The Rubber tree is one of a select few plants design lovers adore. The distinct colors and shape of the leaves always sparks a conversation in the room. Since the leaves come in a variety of beautiful colors, it is easy to add it to many different design color schemes.

Its ability to grow quickly and is a larger indoor plant, makes it stand out when grouped with other plants for a magical indoor garden display. When a new leaf emerges, it is a bright pink or reddish color making the plant appear to be flowering.

Some beginner indoor gardeners want to start small, but the smaller plants often are forgotten on a shelf. This beauty won’t let you forget she is in the room. It is hard to take your eyes off of her display and will leave you obsessing over each new leaf.

One of the easiest to care for and hard to kill indoor plant

This plant actually thrives more on neglect and in a bright corner away from direct sunlight. The soil can completely dry out between watering and still stand tall. An occasional misting in the morning and wiping dust off the leaves with a wet rag will keep any potential pests away.

Here’s the full guide to taking care of the Rubber tree indoors!

Caring for the leaves is the fun part and most are willing to make those leaves shine. It has become a morning routine with mine along with my morning coffee while I admire any new emerging leaves.

A different variety for those different personalities

There are a few different varieties of the rubber plant that can be found, and two varieties are most popular often satisfying two polar opposite personalities.

The Variegated Rubber plant has soft creamy white, pink and a few different shades of lighter green for those emitting positive and calm energy in any room. Like a ray of sunshine just hitting the ocean waters or peeking through the shear window curtains during sunrise.

Then there is the polar opposite Burgundy Rubber plant with bold darker colors almost appearing black. This variety might relate more closely to those with mysterious and more interesting personalities.

Embed from Getty Images


There is a variety for everyone to fit any style of space.

Rubber plant leaves remove formaldehyde from indoor spaces

One of the most important features of a rubber plant is its ability to efficiently remove toxic formaldehyde gas commonly found in any indoor living space that may lead to serious health effects. Removing toxins from the air is one powerful ability indoor plants possess.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of indoor plants, check this article out!

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